Holly Downs | PBS Corporation
Team Member Detail
Holly Downs
BCBA , Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Central Florida

Holly Downs completed her Master’s degree at the University of South Florida. During her time at USF, she was a teacher's assistant for various undergraduate classes. She helped teach the following subjects: behavior skills training, parent training, clicker training, TAGteach, and differential reinforcement. Under the supervision of Dr. Raymond Miltenberger, she conducted her thesis on fitness skill acquisition. She also obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida under the advisement of Dr. Timothy Vollmer. During her time at UF, she worked on a graduate dissertation for time out procedures with typically developing children and children with disabilities. She has had experience working with adults and children with mental illness, with various co-morbid developmental disabilities, and with autism. She has conducted behavioral procedures in family and group homes, public and private schools, adult day treatment facilities, and university/grade school classrooms. Holly is highly interested in utilizing procedures for behaviors of those with mental illness and autism, along with group contingencies to change community behaviors.


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