Creating meaningful and socially significant improvements in quality of life for those we serve.

Comprehensive Behavior Intervention

For individuals who experience significant behavior challenges and/or present with skill deficits that are impeding their quality of life, we provide individualized comprehensive behavior intervention programming.

Overview of our Process


  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to identify goals and the individuals’ behaviors of concern
  • Complete record reviews and interviews with caregivers
  • Conduct observations across activities and settings

Plan Design

  • Identify patterns surrounding behavior (ABCs)
  • Develop interventions to prevent problems, teach skills, and respond effectively
  • Create a comprehensive written behavior support plan


  • Empower stakeholders through evidence-based training strategies
  • Implement a tiered-model of service-delivery to ensure success in carrying out intervention protocols
  • Gradually fading assistance as ultimate outcomes are achieved


  • Ongoing monitoring of progress towards reduction in challenging behavior, skill acquisition, generalization of skills, and overall quality of life outcomes
  • Monitor and report on progress, adjusting strategies as needed
  • Graduate from services when goals are achieved

ABA in Schools

Applied behavior analysis is a beneficial component to the school setting. By empowering teachers and staff with behavior modification techniques, students and staff can achieve positive interactions in learning environments. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) has already become a standard in public education systems and has been effective in decreasing problematic behaviors and increasing positive behaviors of students through providing emphasis on appropriate school-related behaviors. Our team can also help school teams identify appropriate learning targets for staff and students and implement professional development training to improve progress monitoring systems and build curriculum.

Range of Service Options: Individual Student Needs (functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plan), Classroom Management, Training and Professional Development, Social Skills Groups, and more.

Training and Consultation

PBS Corp. is available to provide customizable training to meet the needs of any target audience. We work collaboratively to provide systems-wide behavior supports to promote inclusion opportunities. PBS Corp. team members will utilize effective teaching practices based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.

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