Tahra Cessna | PBS Corporation
Team Member Detail
Tahra Cessna
BCBA , Chief Operations Officer
San Diego

Tahra Cessna is a wife, mother, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been working with individuals with special needs since 2003. She specializes in parent education and advocacy for the rights of individuals with special needs. Tahra received her Bachelor Degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University and attended Florida Institute of Technology and Kaplan University in which she obtained her Master''s degree in the Science of Psychology with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis. Tahra is the Chief Operations Officer for Positive Behavior Supports Corporation and is also a Co-Founder for the Treasure Coast Autism Project, a private, non-profit school for children on the autism spectrum. Tahra has presented at national and international conferences and has been published on the topics of Positive Behavior Support in the Community, Improving Transitions for Young Adults and Social Sexual Education.


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